Wonder Woman Review

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 9.50.07 AM.png Wonder Woman, the savior of the DC Extended Universe. Saying most DCEU films have come out to divisive reviews is being nice and naïve because up until now they’ve been generally ravaged by critics and viewers alike, up until now. All of a sudden with DC fans lost in desperation and the rest of the viewership having lost all hope comes Patty Jenkins with her wondrous tale of the Amazonian warrior that saved the world.

         Wonder Woman is the most classical form of a superhero film and in being so serves as a perfect remedy to some of the misshapen superhero flicks we’ve been getting as of late. Jenkins has talked a lot about how she was very inspired by the original Superman and simply by her incredible use of color you can tell this is a story reminiscent of those past films that laid the foundations for the Golden Age of Superhero Blockbusters we’re living in today. That early Superman film is a classic in the genre for a reason and Jenkins’s choosing to revive the classic feel of said film is just one of the brilliant strokes she has in crafting Wonder Woman. 

         Cursed by a bad filmography including the likes of Criminal and the 7th Fast & Furious entry, Gal Gadot lives up to the part of Wonder Woman, gracing the character with a commanding ferocity that paired with an intellectual genius that’ll resound with men and women alike. In another stroke of genius from the director, Patty Jenkins goes promoting feminism by empowering Wonder Woman instead of belittling men as so many films have done wrongfully. Is this a film with an agenda? Why of course it is, but so is District 9, yet they’re both great films because they manage their motives in a respectful manner that also heavily involves the plot. Going back to Gal Gadot, not only does she have killer comedic talent and does a great job kicking ass, but she truly exemplifies the virtues that make Wonder Woman live up to that title and as I exited the theatre I couldn’t help but smile as young girls praised her awesomeness.

          That being said, no film is perfect and Wonder Woman definitely has its flaws. The most glaring of these flaws being the portrayal of the villains. For someone who directed Charlize Theron to an Oscar in her brutal performance as a human monster, Wonder Woman’s villains are incredibly lackluster. Not only is Dr. Poison one of the most stupid names I’ve heard enunciated in a superhero film (and trust me, there’s quite a few), but their portrayal, even of the main villain, is either completely cartoony or just dull. Which raises another issue, this one related to the film’s final battle in which CGI runs amok and we’re treated with a pretty standard superhero finale that mirrors the conventional conclusion seen in every single one of today’s blockbuster movies. But, to only name two things as foul in a movie tells me the overall product must be pretty great.

         Wonder Woman is not only a triumph for the DCEU, but also the first great superhero film of the year. Choosing Patty Jenkins to direct one of their properties is the single greatest choice the DCEU has made and despite the worries Gal Gadot lives up to the mantle of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is great, what else can I see, it’s a fun time at the movies, and a great symbol of hope for both the DCEU and the inclusion of women in more blockbusters as we move into the future.

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