Maggie’s Plan Review

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-1-16-10-pm      If you know me, you probably know I love basically every film Greta Gerwig touches and Maggie’s Plan is no different. The love I have for Greta Gerwig primarily derives from two things: the shinning charisma she exhibits in every film she’s in and her ability to always choose cool and interesting projects to work on. With Maggie’s Plan, Gerwig exhibits both of those qualities, not only that, but she also surrounds herself by several uber-talented actors that really makes you wonder how this movie went unnoticed. Its not like its some experimental indie film in which everyone is challenging themselves by acting out a different side of themselves, in full honesty, Maggie’s Plan is as commercial as you’re going to get with an indie film.

      For that very reason I raised above is why I do find the film to be somewhat flawed. From the moment Ethan Hawke is brought into the film you can automatically anticipate what’s next. Thankfully, director Rebecca Miller doesn’t really indulge in the trappings of your typical rom-com and quickly veers out of the ideal love scenario between these to in order to deliver  a clever twist on the rom-com tropes. With this clever spin on the genre she’s able to present some wild antics that tend to be hilarious fun. Which is way Maggie’s Plan stands above the majority of today’s rom-coms and proves that there is such thing as a good romantic comedy, something that’s been lost in cinema as of late.

        Something I noticed in the acting in this film is how grandiose and absurd it feels. Everyone accentuates the defining elements of their character and because of the type of film Maggie’s Plan is, this style actually supports the story’s comedy and elevates it. If I were to name any standouts I’d have to obviously give it to Gerwig herself, but also to Julianne Moore who kills it as this very confident and manipulative woman with an extremely over-the-top accent that just works for her. The rest of the supporting cast made up of Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, and Travis Fimmel who somehow manages to be creepily adorable are also great and add their own personal flair to the project.

       With that said, Maggie’s Plan is an endearing indie rom-com that plays around with the very nature of rom-com’s themselves. Its great fun and even though it might be somewhat cliched at times, the experience ultimately pays off. The entire cast is fantastic and Maggie’s Plan is just overall pure joy.


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