Easy Review

         screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-2-46-21-pmJoe Swanberg’s been swimming around the indie movie scene since the early 2000’s, presenting us with his beloved universal view of the mundane. Swanberg never goes to different dimensions or presents the world under a wild and singular perspective, but instead presents the world as it is and lets his imagination run amok within the confines of the world we’ve come to know during our life. Within our world he identifies general themes which he’s taken to his liking and constantly addresses them throughout his work, the most notable being the dynamics of a true friendship and his vision of modern love. With Easy, Swanberg gets to present these in a very pure way that gives the series a sense of true liberty that perfectly clashes with the manipulative depictions of love we regularly see on t.v.

      In typical Swanberg fashion, he presents us with life in its natural free-flowing state. In the first episode we meet a couple who’s simply trying to maintain their sexual life afloat and in the second episode we get witness how someone adopts a different persona in order to seem cooler in the eyes of her girlfriend. Both of these notions are things we know and can possibly even relate to, its all so human and because of its earthly quality it flows with ease, washing over the viewer. Every story is equally digestible and ride along the same levels of emotional resonance. Its almost as if Swanberg randomly went around Chicago and secretly followed people around in order to get that episode’s story. Some characters overlap through certain stories and others are never seen again as the series moves along, Swanberg’s choice to make us follow vignettes of a couple’s tale promotes the idea that every human being on Earth has a story worth telling.

       Something I was astonished by whilst watching this series is the talent Swanberg was able to attract to Easy. Orlando Bloom, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Dave Franco, Zazie Beetz, Kate Micucci and much more, I get he’s been able to amass great actors before for projects like Drinking Buddies or Digging for Fire, but this on a whole different level, especially when it comes to something that’s not being presented on the big screen. While the amount of stars that are in the show might make you a bit worried about the fact that they might be trying to hijack each other’s screen time, Swanberg does an amazing job balancing everyone out to a degree where you forget Bloom was in The Lord of the Rings and actually believe him as yoga instructor bewildered by the concept of Tinder.

       Not to diss on what I had said earlier about everyone having a story to tell, but with Swanberg’s extremely mundane style, the show can get a bit monotonous if the episode you’re watching isn’t as intriguing as the last one. On the bright side each episode is at max. 30 minutes long and the series is only eight episodes long so you’ll fly through it. Disregarding the show’s brevity, some episodes just aren’t as good as others and you might get bored because a story isn’t necessarily as interesting as the one you just watched seconds ago, giving you a feeling that the series is headed downhill.

       Easy is a great work by Joe Swanberg, but not necessarily a great series. Its extremely mellow and nice to sit lay in your bed on a lazy sunday and watch tales of sex and love in a laid-back manner. The series will wash over you and although you might not appreciate very episode, you’ll appreciate the feeling the series has left you in. All the acting is really good and most of the stories are really well done, the show might fall short in a couple episodes but ultimately Easy delivers on its promise of a human vision of love, sex, and relationship’s in today’s world.


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