Sully Review: Repetitive Plane Rides, Unnecessary Flashbacks and Aaron Eckhart

   screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-12-04-07-am Although I feel like this film is bad, for whatever reason I can’t say it is. Maybe its the stellar cast, the amazing story or the prestige that Eastwood carries with him, but this film simply felt like you were switching channels that played different of the plane diving into the Hudson. From the moment the film started I knew someone was wrong but I didn’t know what and I still can’t exactly pin it down. The technical aspects of this film are exceptional but though it tries to raise one’s spirit it feels to lack soul, it just feels staged.

     I get it, my reason for disliking this movie is because it feels like a movie, that’s ridiculous but it perfectly defines my take on this movie. You go back and you watch Singin’ in the Rain and it has all the characteristics of a film, but when you watch Sully its not that you can clearly identify it as film but that it feels like one when a true story is being told. When you watch something like United 93 or Elephant you feel the gravity of situation entrapping you as you watch but here even if you didn’t know what The Miracle on the Hudson was you know how its going to end because its staged way too perfectly. Sully is to movies is as your room is suspiciously too organized for your parents’ when they’re checking on you. There’s something fishy about the situation that makes the whole act feel stilted.

    Now, as for the movie itself, its a technical wonder. Experiencing it in IMAX, as it should be, its a roaring machine of powerful filmmaking. Unfortunately, this gets diluted by the fact that you see the same plane do the same exact maneuver over and over again until the film finally ends. Now, it anyone where to take this film it has to be the guys in charge of sound design. This team truly did some sensational work with regards to sucking you into the situation by only using sound and even though you watch the same thing play out time and time again, the noises derived from the landing feel evermore important with each repetition of the scene. With regards to the acting in this film, nothing is out of this world, its all good, Tom Hanks is fine and so is everyone else, except for Aaron Eckhart who is great. Although the guy has had some kind of downfall career-wise since 2010 it appears as if he’s making some kind of comeback with this and Bleed for This coming out later this year. Here he’s proven he was the same great actor he was back in 08′, caring the charisma, wit and fantastic mustache that only he can deliver.

     Whilst the movie does suffer from a lot of repetition and the over-played American hero story, I hesitate to call this a legitimate bad movie because even though I disliked sitting through a lot of it I was fairly entertained. Which I can relate back to the experience I mentioned early, the sound of the plane approaching the water, the cinematic scope that IMAX brings to a film, and good performances with the little addition of a great one by Eckhart, this film isn’t bad, its simply way too normal to make an impact.

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