Suicide Squad Review

    Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.09.08 AM Boy, Oh Boy, what’s next for DC? So, if you happened to have followed this website in around December, you might’ve noticed Suicide Squad held the distinction of bearing the sixth position on my most anticipated of 2016 list, if I could go back in time I know I’d change that. Sure, after the release of BVS, reports about Suicide Squad being a mess began to surface but I honestly ignored them since they mostly centered around the notion of re-shoots and I’m not really bothered by re-shoots as every film does them. It was also around the time the incredible Blitz trailer was released, so I was more than confident this movie would be amazing. My worries about the film actually surged around Comic-Con when DC decided to not do a screening for its fans when the movie was just weeks away and instead release the worst trailer they had to date.

      So, the film starts and to my surprise its got the same multi-colored, eye-popping visuals the marketing material had. It worked for the marketing material because it was vibrant and caught your attention but when you try and do that for a film, it just feels like you’re trying to show off color to someone with a really short attention span, a tool to keep you invested in a film with no substance. So the film starts and not only have you got commanding colors forcing you to keep your eye on the screen, but also an aggressive amount of musical cues that was also supposed to work as character development but only felt distracting. The first act of this film is the fastest team assembling and character introductions you’ll ever get in a film.  In less than twenty minutes you’ve been summarized enough information about the character in correlation to his role in the film. Meaning, you get a lot of Deadshot, Rick Flagg, Harley, and Enchantress but a very minimum dose of Killer Croc, Katana, Captain Boomerang, and literally nothing from Slipknot. Later on, during the following acts, if a character is about to do something important, you get a random flashback to some important moment in his past to try and get you to root for the guy you really didn’t care about this whole time.

       Then, the villain of the film is introduced and Oh My God, what a surprise, it’s Enchantress, just like everyone assumed before walking in. And what a waste of Cara Delevigne, she probably could’ve been this really devilish foe but instead she’s subjected a square of space where she can twist and twirl, garble some meaningless dialogue and create some sort of machine/portal in the sky that doesn’t do anything. Then you’ve got her brother who… And her literally faceless army of zombie-like worthlessness that targets our main heroes who are supposed to be bad guys even though they all act like sympathetic characters.

            As for the acting in this film, its hit or miss. If I were to say anyone really surprised and grasped their role really well, as weird as it feels to type this, I’ve got to say it was Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang. Though he seems to stink up every good franchise, it seems like he’s the only one who goes above and beyond in an already stinkin’ first film of a franchise. Jai Courtney is the only that does feel like the scum of the Earth, embodying the nastiness of his character by not helping the team in anyway whatsoever and only acting because of his own self-interest. The rest of the acting is either down-graded by its presentation, efficient or not even worth mentioning. For example, Margot Robbie does a great job as Margot Robbie, almost stealing the show, but there’s a myriad of weird choices they decided to take with her. Some of these including her fantasizing about establishing a nuclear family with the Joker and her character feeling more like the Joker’s slave and not his adoration. Which is also deeply strange from the Joker’s side because you’ve got him wallowing when she’s not there, but kept grinding in a cage when she is there. As for Leto’s portrayal of the Joker, I must say its good and a very original on-screen portrayal of the character, but there’s not enough of it for it to make an impact. As I stated the rest if the cast’s acting is efficient or not worth mentioning, except for Will Smith. Not Deadshot, Will Smith is in this movie and he refuses to be his character and instead uses him to channel himself.

        As I briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, there is a multitude of things that are just wrong with this film. Whether that’s Deadshot’s pimp suit or the fact that he’s trying to convince you he, a cold-blooded assassin, is a better father figure than the absent mother of his daughter is insane. Everything going on with the character of Harley Quinn’s sexualization is ludicrous and of course, El Diablo is just another Mexican gang-banger.

       So, are there any positives? Yes, Jai Courtney is probably the best thing about this film and then you’ve got some pretty cool cameos you wouldn’t want to miss. But aside from that, the rest of the film is just mediocre which is a shame considering this probably has the best cast out of any Superhero film there is. Besides having a fantastic director whose vision seems to have been warped when you read about all the missing scenes and editing problems that went down with this project. And just in case you thought the editing in BvS was bad, just watch Suicide Squad horribly chopped together scenes. Even if you go back and watch the trailers for this film, you can notice scenes or pieces of scenes are missing. With that ridiculously long tirade about the summer disappointment that  was Suicide Squad, I must conclude by saying this film is mediocre at best and you can definitely avoid watching it since almost everything out at the movies at the moment is better than this misfortune.

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