Ghostbusters (2016) Review

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This film has probably had the most tragic story of the year. Releasing a very confusing first trailer, becoming the most hated movie-trailer ever on youtube and getting a stupid amount of unnecessary hate towards female representation on film just because they decided to have four women instead of four men before it got released and it didn’t even perform that well at the box office. The even more saddening is that when this film could’ve made a statement by being the best big-budget comedy of the year it was nothing but pure mediocracy. Personally, Paul Feig is either hit or miss for me, I love his work on Freaks & Geeks but wasn’t a huge lover of Bridesmaids like everyone else on planet Earth. So, unlike everyone else who had already commenced ranting about the stupidity of the trailers, I just kind of avoided them and decided to wait and see what the critics said. After I saw it received mixed reviews I decided I had to see it for myself to understand the hate-filled phenomenon Ghostbusters had become, so I did.

     As I stated at the beginning of this review, Ghostbusters simply felt flat. The characters felt like cartoons and though some of the stuff they did was funny, it just didn’t make sense in this world. Sure, there’s ghost and stuff, but its still the real world and people don’t build laser weapons in one day or manage to get a job with super-scientists even though they’re dumber than rocks. For example, my favorite character was Chris Hemsworth’s idiotic character but sometimes he was so stupid that it was just so much it began to really vex me. As for the new ghostbusters, McCarthy and Wiig do the same thing they do always in a Paul Feig which truly deflates their characters. Though Kate McKinnon is a cool new addition, I must state her character makes zero sense and feels like a savvy incarnation of Bugs Bunny. Surprisingly, the crew member I least enjoyed from the trailers was the one I most enjoyed on the screen, Leslie Jones. Jones felt like the only sensible member of the team, as her character felt necessary for the team and she was able to implement a different style of comedy than the rest of the team. With that said, every other character in the film, male, female, ghost or whatever is futile.

   Now that I’ve mentioned the ghosts in this film, I must say the CGI in this film is horrible. Not just bad, but atrociously fake. It seriously reminded me of Phantom of the Megaplex at times. The ghost in the original 1984 Ghostbusters look way better than these which is ridiculous considering more than 30 years have gone by. But even though the ghosts in this film might look worse, they are definitely scarier than the ones from the past. Specially a scene involving possessed mannequins, if it weren’t for the constants quips being thrown around, that scene could’ve been pulled out straight out of a horror film.

      Its not that the film was bad in its entirety, this version of Ghostbusters does have its moments, its just that when you think about them that they either don’t make any sense or are very far and few between. Leslie Jones shines beyond the rest of the ghostbusters, McKinnon provides some funny scenes but most of them just don’t fit in with the rest of the movie and Chris Hemsworth is comedic gold but way too dumb. There is also a lot of unnecessary techno-babble going on throughout the film that could’ve definitely been reduced to a minimum. With that said, this new interpretation of Ghostbusters just didn’t work for me and felt completely felt for the majority of its runtime.


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