21 Jump Street Review

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        Finally done with finals and “secundaria,”and I wanted to celebrate by watching a good movie that lampooned the idea of high school, so I looked at my bookshelf full of movies and there it was, the perfect answer to satisfy that glorious feeling of liberation from school, 21 Jump Street. 2012’s sardonic action-comedy was one of the biggest surprises in recent years. Channing Tatum was coming off The Dilemma  and the film just seemed like an unnecessary, standard Hollywood reboot, boy were we wrong. I still remember going to that theater and being completely blown away by every comedic beat the film held. From the opening sequence that depicts Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) as hilarious 90’s high-school caricatures to the closing credits, 21 Jump Street is full to the brim with jokes that don’t get old despite multiple views.

         Not only is the film full of hilarious quips, scenarios, and dialogue, but the dose of irreverent humor coming from Lord and Miller is hysterical. After having worked on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, who would’ve guessed these guys would of made the most hilarious r-rated comedy of 2012. But, not only does this film accomplish everything it has to comedically, it also has meaning and lays out a perfectly designed hero’s journey for our characters, it plays on the idea of redemption with its two main characters getting to do high-school over again whilst delivering with some great comedic beats along the way.

       Everyone involved in this film brings their A-game, not only did this prove Lord & Miller weren’t one-hit wonders, but it also proved Tatum and Franco could legitimately act, and how to employ every member of your cast to deliver with a practically perfect comedy. Of course the leads are great as they showcase exceptional chemistry together and deliver on this brotherly rapport, but Brie Larson is also great in magnifying the heart driving Schmidt’s story whilst propelling the plot along, the group of nerds that hangs out with Jenko are great as well, plus Lord & Miller find an amazing way to incorporate a magnificent cameo that doesn’t feel cheesy and yet they can still poke fun at because of the self-referential attitude the film has.

      21 Jump Street seriously surprised me like no other film has in recent memory. It provided some magnificent belly-laughs, really well-directed action sequences that fit the mood of the film, and a character arc I actually cared about. Hill and Tatum are incredible together, the way the film pokes fun at itself doesn’t feel forced and makes sense with what the character’s are actually talking about, 21 Jump Street is simply fantastic. Its a laugh-out-loud comedy with heart, an objective, and a grand spirit that deserves an 88 out of 100 from my part.


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