In a World… Review

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.38.47 PM     Lake Bell’s directorial debut is a niche comical view into the voice-over industry, throwing jabs at this forgotten industry and digressing from the common indie-comedy format. Unfortunately, for the majority of it, its nothing but fine until it finally starts picking up towards the end. Even though it tries to break from the small indie-comedy mold it often finds itself restrained to it, especially towards the end which even though I found the most rewarding piece of the viewing experience it did ring eerily similar to every other small indie-comedy out there. Where something like Results just went full-steam ahead and took every opportunity to break the norm of the indie-comedy, the reason In a World… doesn’t work as well is because each time it breaks the format it finds it way back to try and fix it when no fixing is needed.

       Lake Bell, wrote, directed, produced, and acted in this, and yes she is as fabulous as always. Portraying a strong female figure and finding a clever way to insert a feminist voice of power in this film, Lake Bell does an adequate job with every job she has attached to this production, its just since the story isn’t that appealing the rest of the story feels flat. In a World… is a nice showcase of talents that also has something to say and that’s as far as it goes. Lake Bell and most of the people in the film are solid, but because of the film’s predictable story structure the film’s emotional resonance and powerful message are brought down.

        This wouldn’t  be a problem if the film was great, but the film just good which drops it down to ok. So, as an ok story with good performances and a strong message In a World… does its job, entertain you for an hour-and-a-half of what would’ve otherwise been a really boring evening. Its short and sweet, well-acted, but in the end it doesn’t do anything ground-breaking and just sails on towards its more than predictable finale. In a World… is an okay film that shows the determination Lake Bell has towards succeeding in the medium itself, though it might not be an incredible film, it shows promise and potential that Bell could unveil with her next project. With all that said, In a World.. is a small funny film to entertain you for sometime, placing it at a 62 out of 100.

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