X-Men: Apocalypse Review

    I Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.41.35 PMRejected to watch this film last week because of how crowded the cinema got and going to watch The Witch instead, I was also somewhat skeptical walking in to see this film because of the bad buzz surrounding it, I must say, I was delightfully surprised. Are there problems with this film, yes there are, a variety of them indeed, but unlike B v. S that was just plain boring until the final beats of it hit, Apocalypse works in reverse as it starts off on a weird spot that made me think of a cheesy Doctor Who episode and then gradually increases in quality as the film moves along.

         Apocalypse’s biggest fault is Apocalypse himself whose presence reminds one of the lost potential that Ultron was. Even though Bryan Singer went and got one of the best actors working today, since he was in costume and his voice was completely distorted I believe you might as well could’ve gotten any actor to play the part since all you need to do is look like the big-baddy in the background. Which is what Oscar Isaac does, but so could possibly anyone. The film also has a lot of tiny little continuity issues within it which have kind of become Fox’s trademark at this point. Such as a scene in which Apocalypse creates a huge, world-wide earthquake that originates from Cairo, the disastrous effect shakes things from Egypt to Poland to the U.S. except, when Apocalypse walks onto the streets of Cairo everything is still in place and nothing has been damaged, not even the tiny ramshackles of the market-place have fallen down. What I did find impressive is how they found ways to have Apocalypse distracted and not use all his powers which would have resulted in the immediate destruction of the X-men. Instead, he was either asleep or fighting both a battle in his mind and in reality, not permitting him to use his full potential. I also forgot to mention Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal as Mystique being completely mailed in, which saddens me because she is probably the second best cast member this film has. But my problems with Apocalypse are only those, the weird Doctor Who intro, Apocalypse, small continuity problems, terrible vfx at times, Jubilee (who you only get to see go the mall), Jennifer Lawrence’s tired Mystique, and the beginning of the finale in which most of the novice X-men are only ducking behind cover.

              Minus all that I just said, Apocalypse is a really fun movie that establishes interesting new characters, gives us a little taste of what’s to come, amplifies roles from other previous films to a higher magnitude (Quicksilver), and guides us towards the future that was promised to us at the end of Days of Future Past. Right off the bat I must mention the amazing scene with Quicksilver which might or might not be better than the last one, adding a layer of fun to the film, working in unison with the natural progression of the story, and making his role in the film more prominent, these scene depicts why everyone immediately feel in love with Quicksilver so quickly. There’s also an interesting story-line that’s brought up about the relationship between Quicksilver and Magneto that I hope gets explored the next time around. Which leads directly to Michael Fassbender and the tremendous performance he brings with him once again. Magneto’s storyline in this film might be the most interesting of all in this film as he goes through an entire character re-construction that makes him question his true nature as well as man’s  corrupted human nature. As for those new characters they introduced as the young x-men, that’s also done really well, their relationship is believable, and each one has a tiny moment that gives us a glimpse into the future. To not spoil anything, I’ll only say when the film’s ending there’s an awesome shot of Cyclops in a very familiar new suit. James McAvoy also brings it as Professor X once again. With all that being said, X-men: Apocalypse is a really fun sci-fi film with flaws that do subtract from the viewing experience but enough good in it  to keep it afloat, placing it at a79 out of 100.

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