Captain America: Civil War Review

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.11.14 AM.png   They’ve done it again, the Russo Brothers prove they’re not just a one hit wonders of the MCU anymore, they have established dare I say as maybe the best directors currently working in the Superhero landscape, cracking the code to adapting a beloved property with utmost respect to the graphic novel yet putting their own spin on it, balancing the insane amount of vivid characters this film contains, and laying the foundation for things to come. Captain America: Civil War proves yet another triumphant entry in the MCU, a delightful experience that truly explores the foundation of the MCU, its characters. In it Iron Man and Captain America are pinned against each because of ideological differences, representing what Batman v. Superman should’ve been, playing out like a suspenseful clash of cinematic behemoths, Civil War is everything you could’ve wished from the film, a stupendous landmark in the superhero genre, a film that helps with the continual re-invigoration of the genre that helps it keep on going, a story that correctly analyzes it characters, and a the only film in the MCU that can keep you grinning for a span of about twenty-minutes that seeps with pure fan service that also propels the story in the best way possible. I was also really impressed by the Russo’s ability to give every character their fair amount of screen time yet keeping the focus on Cap. Never diverging from the main story to try and place unnecessary set-up for an upcoming MCU film, at a two and a half-hour runtime, Civil War just powers through its narrative, adequately tying Iron Man to Spider-Man, Vision to Scarlet Witch, and Captain America to The Winter Soldier. Each of the these characters is treated with respect, each one is provided with a moment you can go back to and be like “Dude, do you guys remember when Spidey did that!”, giving each fan of every character a moment to remember and cherish in on the big-screen, my favorite involving a certain variation of Ant-Man as an Ant-Man fan. As I mentioned before, there are so many duos that perfectly portrayed on screen, whether that be the conflictive relationship between Bucky and Cap, the banter that surges between Falcon and Bucky, the way Spider and Ant man react to heir inclusion to the superhero group, and the rapport established between Vision and Scarlet Witch. And that approximately twenty minutes of pure great superhero-action that takes place at the airport is probably the best action sequence ever in a superhero film, except for the fact it did cause a tad a conflict for me when I saw Vision ravage a watchtower and Scarlet Witch throw cars everywhere after they had all just had a huge discussion about collateral damaged as a consequence of their actions. That all being said, Civil War does have minor flaws, those related to its slow-pace during its first-half, which even though it gives it a slow-burn feel does feel very contrastive with the rest of the pacing involved in the film. And, like every other MCU film, the villain isn’t terrible in this case, but he’s nothing but an object used to propel the plot forward. In conclusion, Captain America: Civil War is another magnificent entry in the MCU, one that manages to introduce new characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther in a fun and refreshing way, give a new spin to the team dynamic coming forward, and tell a great story about conflicting ideologies under the superhero facade, resulting in an 85 out of 100 from my part.

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