Attack the Block Review

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 7.09.29 AM.png  With Alien day being yesterday, I decided to shine a light on one of the most criminally under-viewed film of this decade. Joe Cornish’s directing debut is such a delight, feeling like a more mature Goonies crossed with Aliens, Attack the Block is pure fun involving some incredible-looking aliens, creative fighting, great comedic sensibilities, and even some more dramatic elements to it. Revolving around a group of adolescents in South London who get caught in the middle of an alien invasion, the way Cornish showcases the synergy between each member of the group is brilliant, grounding the character’s in today’s world and establishing them as a family reminiscent of The Lost Boy’s from Hook, adds a depth and grittiness to each fight these kids find themselves trapped in. Plus, there are a few secondary characters involved that add different senses and layers to the film so we have something to fall back onto apart of the teenage-mentality,  especially Jodie Whittaker’s Sam which we can relate to as a true human being and adds a field of adult-like responsibility to contrast the kids’ ideologies. The way Joe Cornish directs this ensemble of kids and then weaves tiny stories alongside the action with such a naturalistic sense is great and why I want to see more from guys like Joe Cornish and Drew Goddard directing. These are people who understand characters but also like to have fun with their stories, giving them the ability to portray great character arcs through a meshing of genres, mixing everything we love about comedies, dramas, and rudimentary sci-fi tales t create a new cinematic experience. Sure, the story might be the very similar to every alien invasion film out there, but Cornish way of capturing the isolating South London as its own little planet full of well-established characters is why Attack the Block works so well, since each character is written in a compelling way, we actually care about them, adding an exhilarating, heart-pounding emotion behind every fight and chase scene, plus the perfect fun dialogue that fits the film just makes it all the more worthwhile. Attack the Block showcases exemplary character-work, a simple yet really fun with some great looking aliens, and therefore gets a 97 out of 100 out of pure entertainment value.


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