Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 1 Review

    Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 11.50.52 AM
It was about last week, I was checking my twitter-sphere and all I could see were people raving about how funny this show was, and I thought to myself based on the little knowledge I had retained from pictures of the series being advertised on Netflix, What is this t.v. show about a singing Iron Man and a brightly-colored clothed woman? So, I decided to watch the pilot and I was soon overtaken by the genius hilarious nature of Unbreakable. Unknowing of Fey and Carlock’s involvement in it, Unbreakable took me by surprise, shooting one joke after another and sprinkling those little moments of silence with even subtler, funnier jokes that might even go unnoticed by the general viewer. A perfect representation of injecting comedy into the darkest moments of life, Unbreakable follows Kimmy Schmidt, a recently saved mole woman who had been kept in a bunker for fifteen years, made to believe the world had ended. In there she proved her endurance, but now she’s in New York with nothing and must prove herself once again. Sure, that’s the basic synopsis, but in reality, Unbreakable acts more like a series of vignettes of the same cartoon New York we were presented to in 3o Rock, except now we’re in another part of town with the most naive yet determined woman you’ve ever seen on screen. Plus, you’ve got a glorious slew of glorious cameos, including one I will not spoil and only say watch out for the reverend, because he is awesome. That’s not to say the main cast is less funny, because they’re also amazing comedic revelations, Ellie Kemper is perfectly fitted to the role, Tituss Burgess plays what might seem like the biggest cartoon character ever yet he works in this odd vision of New Yorl, Jane Krakowski from 3o Rock fame kills it once again, and Carol Kane is incredible as she can be. Unbreakable Kimy Schmidt is probably the most fun I’ve had binge watching a t.v. show since How I Met Your Mother and it is definitely worth the watch, marking it at an 85 out of 100.


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