The Raid 2 Review

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.30.02 PM  About eight months ago I released my review for the first Raid film, now with another innovative work of action hitting theaters in the U.S., I decided why not conclude this Raid saga of reviews for once and for all (until The Raid 3 comes out of course). The Raid was a typical climb the tower and beat the bad guys type of story and it did basically everything it had to do within the context of that story, but The Raid 2 amplifies its scope, budget, and definitely its breathtaking action.  I must state like the first Raid, The Raid 2 does struggle with aligning its plot to seamlessly flow from one plot-point to the other, the story gets somewhat convoluted and the characters do so too, but lets face it why are we really watching The Raid 2,because of the fantastic action of course. With the Raid: Redemption you had incredible action sequences through the crumbling tower of gun-riddled madness, but with The Raid 2 this is taken to a whole next level that will influence all action movies that come after this. Exploiting martial arts choreography, Gareth Evans genius directing, fluid camera-movement, and sensibilities derived from the kind of action observed in Oldboy, The Raid 2 might be the greatest action film of the decade and a proper contender to be one of the action films of all time. The Raid 2 has many magnificent moments of pure choreographed artistic battles between experts of hand-to-hand combat, whether its the beautiful Courtyard brawl at the prison that happens to be overshadowed by the incredible final chapter of this final that starts as an epic car chase continued by an amazing concluding set of fights involving the coolest henchmen put to film in a long time, especially the dude with the bat, that guy is pure awesome. For the majority of this film I was either wincing because of the pain that was been inflicted on some of these foot soldiers or just dropping my jaw in awe of the spectacular choreography devised to pull off every single, especially considering the velocity of the players involved and the fact that they’re all wielding bats, clubs, shivs, hammers, etc, its utterly insane and beautiful at the same time. Whilst Gareth Evans pulled this off to as close as perfect as you can get, the film’s story does have its flaws here and then. The main villain of the story wasn’t that compelling, he reminded me of an off-beat version of Lukas Haas from Brick, it was somewhat stretched out considering the film is two hours and a half and as cool as Prakoso was he did feel shoved into the film’s narrative. From a technical point of view the cinematography (which I mentioned previously) and the score this film contains shines in unison to the action sequences it accompanies. The Raid 2 is a magnificent action film with narrative problems yet enough mind-blowing action sequences to sustain it, leaving me to rank the film at a 79 out of 100.


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