Everybody Wants Some!! Review

  Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.56.42 AM Richard Linklater proves he can do it again, taking us back to the 80’s to tell another story about fun times of reckless youth, exploring everything college back in the day had to offer, the competitive nature of athletes, the fashion trends of the decade, and of course, the glorious 80’s  music that shines in this film. Unlike the spiritual predecessor to this film (that being Dazed and Confused), Everybody Wants Some!! focuses its attention on Jake (Blake Jenner) who is a new college freshman recruit for the elite baseball team on campus. From the very beginning My Sharona by The Knack kicks in and the crazy college antics ensue once Jake sets foot on The Baseball House, a home for all the competitive maniacs that form the elitist baseball clique. It is there that we’re introduced to all the members of the group, which formed by the talkative Finnegan (Glen Powell), the slick Roper (Ryan Guzman), the Californian stoner (Wyatt Russell), the insane Jay Niles (Juston Street), and so much more. The way Linklater directed this young ensemble cast is amazing, as everyone perfectly embodies who they’re supposed to be, each character having their one mannerisms, so that instead of seeing all these kids as just the baseball team, they’re all individuals with different styles, different traits, behaviors, etc. characteristics that let the viewer relate to these college students on their constant quest for girls. It is here where that we can identify one of the key differences between Dazed and Confused and Everybody Wants Some!!, whilst Dazed follows both sexes’ adventures through the night, Everybody Wants Some!! is a much more frat-boyish film that mostly only treats woman as sex objects rather than people, all except for Beverly (Zoey Dutch). While all the other women featured in the film are only there to entertain the baseball boys, Dutch actually portrays a singular being, partially because she’s the only woman the film explores as a human being, Beverly suddenly becomes this figure of femininity among the group of lustful men. So, we’ve got an amazing ensemble of young men with such standouts as Glen Powell, Wyatt Russell, and may other interesting characters, but you’re probably asking why are Dazed and Confused and this film being held with so much regards if they’re nothing but party movies, and that’s where Linklater and his simplistically, beautiful, profound dialogue comes in. Whether these are conversations about how to pick up girls, the competitive nature of athletes, symbology in greek myths, or your classic weed-strung conspiracy theory that could’ve only been formulated by Linklater, these simple conversations that we can relate to and understand coming from these students’ mouths are what separate Everybody Wants Some!! from simple party films like Project X or 21 & Over that fall flat because nothing interesting to say between all those epic party montages. Everybody Wants Some!! is definitively the film that will define the 80’s from here on out, a fun walkabout through the madness of the college party scenes, another classic Linklater film that shall spellbound audiences  forevermore, and an 82 out of 100.


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