Laggies Review

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Sympathetically naive, slim, and fun, Laggies is the perfect film to lay down and relax on your couch if you have nothing to do. Sure, its completely predictable, especially once Sam Rockwell shows up, but as cliched and formulaic as it is, due to Lynn Shelton’s ability to convey different emotions with each scene and deliver on every scene as if they were adequate variables to a formula, the product is correct, its exactly what it should, a sweet story about a woman in her mid-thirties noticing the reality of her situation, taking a step back, assessing, and fixing her mistakes. First, Keira Knightley is awesome in everything she does, from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl to this little indie project, Laggies. In Laggies Knightley portrays a jubilant thirty year-old stuck with a high-school mentality, as she hangs out with her friends she begins to notice more and more discrepancies between them and her, leading her to befriend Chloë Grace Moretz.  As for Moretz in this film, as I watched Laggies I seemed to really like her character and find her to be a pretty cool character, but now as I reassess, I’ve come to the realization that even though she plays her character well, Moretz’s character apart from having some important character development scenes, she’s mostly there to serve as our problematic gateway drug into Sam Rockwell. Sam Rockwell, like Knightley is awesome in everything he does, therefore having the two of them together does play really well, their chemistry works, and the problems/situations that result from their relationship are well executed, but going back to formatted structure of Laggies the relationship unfortunately feels forced. Then, there are some minor issued I had with the film such as side-plots attached to Moretz’s friends and a terribly filmed intro that I understand was done because of stylistic choices but its honestly horrible and dizzying (coming from the guy that didn’t get dizzy watching Cloverfield), and totally unnecessary. But then again, the performances in this film are really good and I had a really good time as I watched Laggies, leaving it at a 79 out 0f 100.

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