Zoolander 2 Review

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.20.58 PM    Zoolander 2, yet another comedy sequel you can add to your list of disappointing comedy sequels.I was actually trying to avoid this film when I started to hear all the bad buzz but I couldn’t hide from it any longer when my cousins’ forced me accompany them to watch stupidity unfold onscreen. Let me start off with the positives because I’m a nice guy that loves Zoolander. I must say there were some chuckles far and few between, Will Ferrell and Nathan Lee Graham’s chemistry still held up, there were some pretty cool cameos amongst the film that made me go “Hendrick’s is in this” and distract me from the horrors on screen, and I guess that’s about it. It honestly saddens me to have to reduce Zoolander 2 to cameos and Mugatu because even though Zoolander was incredibly stupid it never lost its sense of fun when this film just feels like they’re trying to go bigger and better which just doesn’t work within the parameters of a goofy comedy about the fashion industry. Which brings me to how I did find this film insulting to the industry itself at times, degrading it and making it feel like somewhere where anyone could make any ridiculous garment when in reality there is a constant artistic innovation behind every clothing product launched, unlike the clothing Don Atari puts out. Where do I even begin with Don Atari? Kyle Mooney as Don Atari is honestly one of the most annoying things I’ve ever witnessed displayed in the cinema. Don Atari and his child-assistant are so annoying and badly-written I feel sorry for the actors portraying them, I was so vexed by Atari that I immediately checked what other projects Mooney was involved with and got very worried for Hello, My Name is Doris, I hope he can redeem himself but I’m scared. Kristen Wiig and Penelope Cruz also are in this film but they’re so forgettable I won’t even bother going into how useless their characters were, the only good thing Cruz provided during the film is that you to listen to s snippet of Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky when she’s introduced to our titular characters. Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller work as goofballs in this type of film, except since they try to up-the-scale in this belated sequel, those same goofballs from the first movie are made even dumber in the midst of a film going for a grander scale, which instead of making them look like silly models makes them look like simpletons, and it looks like Ben Stiller has completely disregarded the advice Robert Downey Jr. gave him in Tropic Thunder. I’m at a loss for words regarding the mess that is Zoolander 2, I disliked it, it wasn’t funny, and deserves a 37 out of 100.

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