Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

   Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.25.36 PMWatching this film for the millionth time, I was honestly surprised I had not reviewed it yet, but now having watched it so many times I can only say it’s still as awesome as it was the first time I walked into that theater and witnessed Colin Firth become an action-star whilst Taron Egerton became a mega-star. First off, I must state that I truly believe that Matthew Vaughn is one of the greatest energetic, cinematic powers of today’s world, from Layer Cake too X-Men: First Class Vaughn has found a way to consistently reinvent himself by alternating genres, yet still maintaining that signature Vaughn stamp. There are very few films I can say made laugh, cower in fear, and caught my full attention during the entirety of its runtime, yet Stardust was able to all those things when I was younger, but, lets save that for another review and not detract from the awesome subject at hand. Kingsman was truly one of last year’s biggest surprises, from its opening credits to its final shot, Kingsman depicts an original take on a comic book property, plus a fun-ride through an action-packed Bond decomposition. As I stated before, everyone in this film is great, Taron Egerton suddenly became a name we must remember with this film, Firth is spectacular as an ultraviolent Bond, Samuel Jackson plays an over-the-top villain that seems to work adequately for this film, Marc Strong works well as the overseer behind all of the Kingsman’s missions, and lastly even though she wasn’t a big player in the film, Sofia Boutella as a villainous sidekick with razor-sharp artificial legs named Gazelle is just amazing. To not entirely ruin the surprise, I must say it was nice to see a certain Hamill in this film. First off, this film starts off blasting The Dire Strait’s Money for Nothing which only partially showcases the great soundtrack and bombastic score this film has. As for the score, though jarring at times, it does feel appropriate to the film because it plays off the grand nature of spy movie themes on their own, so whenever Eggsy (Egerton) does something cool or relevant to the plot all of a sudden  the score is raised to an exaggerated level that makes you reflect on the funny, bombastic nature of spy-movie themes onto themselves. Now, the soundtrack is great as it too also feels naturalistically reactionary to the film, from Rascal’s Bonkers that plays whenever Eggsy does something that is worthy of a mic-drop and the song that accompanies what is still my favorite scene out of any movie in 2015, The Ultraviolent Church Scene with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird. This is as close to perfect as an action sequence can get, this scene is incomparable, its fast, bloody, funny, unexpected, wonderfully choreographed, and a pure representation of awesome on film. As spectacular as that scene is, instead of the film feeling like an average film with one amazing set-piece, because the actors portray their characters so well, the training montage is handled really well, and as ridiculous yet suave as the final section is, The Church Scene feels like Kingsman’s highest point alongside an original, really well constructed adaptation packed with action and intelligent remarks on the history of grand spy-franchises. All in all, Kingsman: The Secret Service is nothing but an absurd amount of fun and therefore receives an 82 out of 100 from me.

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