Zootopia Review

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In a world where animated films like Norm of the North get made it is exceedingly refreshing to have such a delightful and witty animated kids film come out.Though I can sit here writing my criticisms about the child-like nature of a film like Zootopia, I cannot argue I spent the majority of this film’s runtime with a smile on my face, a smile that reflected fun spirit and good nature of Disney’s newest delight.  Packing a wacky Adam West Batman sort of vibe mixed with a noir/adventure feel, and your typical Disney agenda functioning as a parable that springboards off the schism between predators and preys presented in the film, Moore and Howard do a really good job jamming all these concepts into a really fun animated film that though predictable is undeniably jovial and light-hearted in the best way possible. Following the adventures of perfectly voice-cast Nick (fox[Bateman]) and Judy (rabbit[Goodwin]), Zootopia starts off as a kid-friendly noire for a new generation and I was awfully entertained by that point, I was actually invested in the investigation and awaiting to see what other celebrities cameod in , such as Tommy Chong as a stoned yak or Idris Elba is a big and brawny police chief, characters that perfectly matched each voice and thus proved the film an entertaining experience.  As for the shoved in Disney agenda, I actually though it worked in Zootopia’s setting, enhancing bot the viewer and the story and the viewer at the same time, the correct way to handle built-in messages from a kid’s film, unlike Tomorrowland, which makes me think the Big Mouse has finally learned his lesson. Speaking of mouses, specifically a character in the film called Big, there are two characters in this film that really vexed me, Big being one of them. Maybe its because of the horrible experience I had with the most recent Huevos movie, but having to deal with two anthropomorphized versions of Marlon Brando in less than a year’s time is too much for me to handle and I therefore felt as if the character intruded each scene with his presence. Speaking of intrusion, a character that could’ve easily been scrapped off the film as a whole is Gazelle, I understand they need Shakira to make a song and make millions of it, but they try making her this pacifist activist type-gazelle and it marred the film’s  progress every single time she was brought up. Which paired with the predictability of the film and it choice to not leave the kid-friendly realm at times did make this film feel longer than it should’ve been. But, before I score this film I must state that I was impressed with the amount of imagination that can be absorbed from the animation seen on screen, especially the wide-shots of Zootopia that expel this magical flair off them that I haven’t really felt since Big Hero Six’s SanFran Tokyo. With that said, Zootopia is a child’s fun introduction to the noir tropes, a delightful experience, and really nice kids’ film, leading me to rank it at a 75 out of 100.

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