Deadpool Review

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Struggling to choose what would be the perfect film to review on Valentine’s Day I went out to watch Deadpool and wow!, I found the perfect Valentine’s film for the modern age. From the opening credits to the very end, Deadpool is a hysterical ride that follows the adventures of a man trying to get his girl. Once you really boil the film down, Deadpool is a love story, and in that it succeeds as it perfectly sets up how demented these two lovebirds are and why Deadpool needs to rescue his damsel in distress. And apart from introducing the mainstream superhero film with r-rated comedy and violence to rejuvenate the genre, Tim Miller’s use of the non-linear story structure keeps the film alive and never gets confusing as everything perfectly pieces together with each other. As they’re credited I have to mention the real heroes of this story, Reese and Wernick (screenwriter’s) who so perfectly understand the character and find the most perfect way to bring him back from the atrocities commited against him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, as they pack this film with the sardonic humor it needed, fourth-wall breaking, douchebaggery, meta humor, and so much more that just makes Deadpool the most perfect film adaptation Deadpool could ever be. Even the origin story is handled extremely well as you get a constant breath of fresh air from it as we cut back from now to then, and along Deadpool’s origin, you also get your introduction to Ajax (Skrein) who you detest after the brutal torture who submits so many individuals too. After The Transporter Refueled, I’m glad Skrein had this under his belt, because he so perfectly creates that reason why Deadpool wants to get him so desperately. Now that I’ve mentioned Ed Skrein, everyone in this film is great, Morena Baccarin kills it, Ryan Reynolds was perfectly crafted in some laboratory to play this character, Brianna Hildebrand adds some amazing comments against Deadpool and demonstrates her true power, I had some issues with Kapičić’s Colussus, Tim Miller was great, and even Gina Carano was used in the most adequate way possible. The action was handled beautifully by a first-time director in a perfect fast-paced method that didn’t invade the rapid-editing style of today’s world. Deadpool is truly one of the most entertaining films I’ve seen in a while, a refreshing comic-book adaptation, a great love story, and an 86 out of 100.

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