Zoolander Review

      Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.46.49 PM My sister and I grew up on the absurdity of  Zoolander, I’d constantly watch it with her and my friends, but having not watched in a while and wanting to know if it holds up before the release of the sequel, I decided to drive down memory lane and sit through an hour and a half of Stiller’s and Wilson’s wild antics in the fashion industry. I was gladened to see Zoolander honestly holds up and still ranks as probably one of or my favorite comedy of the 2000’s. Playing to endless re-watchability and full of so much stupidity that it transcends the stupid comedy-genre and takes it to another level, Zoolander is wild and ridiculous in the best ways possible. Re-watching the film yesterday I was honestly surprised by its maddening level of absurdity, from the way Wilson, Ferrell, and Stiller play their parts to the random celebrity cameos that infiltrrate the film, Zoolander goes so over-the-top it benefits the viewing experience as you’re left with one of the most original comedies of the 2000’s. Besides its originality and wackiness, Zoolander has so many quotable lines its hard to keep track of them, from basically anything Stiller says after misinterpreting a situation or Mugatu’s (Ferrell) various phrases which I recite on a weekly basis Zoolander is filled with comedic zingers that live through the ages. So, mixing the absurd scenarios, hilarious dialogue, and eccentric personalities on screen you get one of my personal favorite comedies that I must place at an 82 out of 100.

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