Creed Review

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Following up the success he had with Fruitvale Station, Ryan Coogler impresses the masses once again as he reintroduces the Rocky franchise back into the world in the best way anyone possibly could have. Like Star Wars VII, Creed parallels the original film in the franchise while introducing new, well-constructed characters and stories that bring The Rocky franchise to a new beginning and transform it into The Creed franchise. Michael B. Jordan is a star, though having had some missteps with Fant4stic and That Awkward Moment, Jordan leaps back on screen to portray the son of Apollo Creed, Adonis, a determined fighter set out to prove and establish his own legacy. Then, to add to the story of a man coming onto his own you get Tessa Thompson as Bianca, and as always Thompson continues to surprise as she chooses strong, black, female characters to portray, and here its no different as she plays an aspiring singer even though she knows her career will eventually fade away. I don’t know if this was on purpose or not, but they have Tessa Thompson say “Keep it 100” which reminded me of her character in Dear White People and the great scene she has in that film as she classifies people around her by way the choose to act, keeping it 100 being to fully accept your legacy. As for legacy, Sylvester Stallone is more than worthy of that Oscar nomination as he delivers his best performance ever probably since the first Rocky film, the same way Coogler changed the franchise, Stallone brings something new to the film, giving us a different look at Rocky and the way the time and events have changed his perspective on life, as well as the way Adonis has motivated him to keep going. From great performances to great direction, you also have great boxing matches in this film, from the first official fight that is done entirely in one-take and the climactic battle in the ring which is pumped up by the classic Rocky score that immediately conveys a sense of excitement to everyone in the theater. That said, Creed is a fantastic film, a film that perfectly reintroduces the Rocky franchise to  new generation while still maintaining the scope of the original, placing the film at an 81 out of 100.

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