The 5th Wave Review

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 4.56.41 PM    Through predictable plot-twists, sad acting, and an insufferable love-story are some of the things I had to endure as I sat through what felt like a three-hour film that was only an hour-fifty or so. My first reaction is why?, why? do you do this Chloë Grace Moretz, I know you have the ability to choose good scripts and good directors to work with, I’ve witnessed your acting in films like Kick-Ass and Hugo, just why?, why? would you pick such a project made up of that interminable boredom in which you find yourself staring more at your beverage or your seat rather than the film on-screen. The same can be said for Nick Robinson, Liev Schreiber, Tony Revolori, Ron Livingston and Maika Monroe who looks like something out of the Captain Fantastic still they released in this film. The paycheck is clear and I can only imagine that is why they accepted such project, such a sad rip-off of countless alien stories that preceded it. The actors in this film were barely even trying, and then you have Alex Roe that tricks you into thinking the rest of the cast is Oscar-worthy as he delivers lines with an emotionless tone and look reminiscent of Hayden Christensen in the Star Wars prequels. Why? I need to know Moretz, why not team up with Oliver Assayas once again?, ugh, I really hope Rebecca Thomas’s adaptation of The Little Mermaid serves as a way of reminding us (the audience) that Moretz is truly a great actress and we don’t have to suffer through another project like this again. Enough ranting on the acting in this film, lets move onto the direction and the writing. The writing provides us with what will probably some of the most cheesy dialogue we’ll hear all year and the directing is sad, though not utter trash, the film does have moments that approach the quality of previous films Moretz has worked on such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Dark Shadows. The cgi is bad, the plot twists can be seen from a mile away, Nick Robinson’s ok, I guess?, I don’t even know what to make of The 5th Wave anymore, maybe its because I watched in-between The End of the Tour and Mr. Holmes that it seemed so terrible, but I’m just going to finalize this review by ranking The 5th Wave at a 34 out of 100 and questioning why they couldn’t just spell out fifth instead of replacing it with a number.

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