Black Mass Review

     Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.01.50 PM
Depp is finally back from the deep abyss of poorly-written Tim Burton characters, thank you Scott Cooper. But that isn’t the only element prevalent in this film, apart from showcasing the brilliance of Depp, Black Mass presents us with a sprawling crime epic with great performances all around, from an Oscar-worthy supporting role from Joel Edgerton to Dakota Johnson’s small but powerful cameo. Reminiscent of Goodfellas, Cooper’s Black Mass is a powerful look at the gut-wrenching life of a gangster and how the landscape changed through the ages whilst Bulger’s attitude changed. Another element of the film done exceptionally well is how the ambience of the film is portrayed visually by Masanobu Takanagi who works exceptionally depicting the cruel and grim Southy. As I said before, a sprinkle of supporting actors also cause an impression upon the film, from Kevin Bacon to Plemons, or David Harbour, as well Rory Cochrane who all do an exceptional job portraying their dense personalities. There are some aspects of the film I had some issue with, such as chapters in Bulger’s life which are sort-of glossed over, his association with IRA being a perfect example of this which just feels like an unfinished side-story with no emotional punch. But, then again you had such a perfect representation of villainy on-screen, whether this be Depp’s Bulger or Edgerton’s Bulger-praising FBI agent, Black Mass provides us with a great crime epic like no other we’ve seen recently, a film with great performances, a great visual aesthetic, and unforgettable story about a despicable real-life character. In the end, I incredibly enjoyed Black Mass and what Cooper was able to do with the Whitey Bulger story, a strong film, and an 87 out of 100 from my part.

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