Master of None Season One Review

     Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 10.41.14 AM    The reason I haven’t been releasing that many reviews lately is because I’ve been catching up  on t.v. shows in order to branch out and reviews these as well. Master of None being the first of these t.v. show reviews I will begin to post. Aziz Ansari’s Netflix 10-episode series is something unlike many t.v. shows nowadays, Master of None doesn’t analyze drug cartels, depicts superheroes or try to uncover a serial killer  as murders keep on escalating, Master of None simply looks at a 30 year-old man living his life. The naturalistic vibe of it as it so perfectly depicts those stupid irks that occur everyday, those funny moments that we might forget later that day but lightened up your day at the moment, the meaningless arguments about meaningless things or your ever-evolving ideology, Master of None so perfectly captures all of this  by fixating on Aziz as he lives through the daily struggles that confront him. Then, the way each episode tackles a different issue that we’ve all came across in a positive and funny way simply adds to the genius that went behind adapting Aziz’s view-of -life on to the screen. Perfectly capturing everyday life, Master of None is insanely relatable and a that makes you think about each theme depicted in each episode, except this time with you that scenario, Master of None accomplishes its tasks, highlighting the silliness and the grandness of life and then making you think about it in retrospect when every episode come to an end. Talking about endings, one of the main issues I had with Master of None was the way they handled some of the endings and how it felt like they didn’t know when to end and they simply cut the episode and quickly fade to black and outro music. A prime example of this being the last episode which I had problems with once it ended, as I felt feelings of betrayal from Aziz’s character on screen, but then I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and then I started to think about me in that situation, I began to question my agenda and I felt the ending was somehow justified by the way I reacted to it on such a personal level where the finale transcended the screen and entered the machinations of my mind in one of the weirdest ways I’ve ever reacted to a t.v. show. Centering on the cast, the friendship dynamic in this show is perfect as Aziz and his friends just hang out at talking about meaningless stuff the same way I  might with my friends everyday of the week. And by themselves, Aziz’s friends aren’t just one-dimensional side-kicks, Aziz’s buddies all have their own distinct personality and life that shines through their character as they each give their personal advice to Aziz’s troubles. The chemistry between Aziz’s character (Dev) and his girlfriend (Noël Wells) is also pitch perfect capturing the fun of being in a relationship alongside the constant struggle endured to maintain a relationship fresh is so perfectly depicted it reminded me very much of Summer and Tom’s relationship in 500 Days of Summer. In the end Master of None is a must watch, an underrated look at reality, a beautiful melody, an entertaining ride, and an 81 out of 100.

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