Carol Review

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 9.59.47 PM    Todd Haynes first film since his 2007 attempt at deciphering Bob Dylan is powerful romance that we will absolutely be talking about come the ceremonial Oscar events, whether its cinematography, acting, score or directing, Haynes aims for perfection in every aspect of this film and basically achieves it. What Haynes does is contrast a corrupted relationship against a blossoming one, and to do that you need great chemistry among actors, and a really good handle on the essence of romance, something Haynes captures perfectly as he captures looks on Mara’s or Blanchett’s faces that say more than any expositional dialogue scenes could have said in five or four minutes of wasted time. By casting Blanchett and Mara as lovers Haynes captures something magnificent, something that resembles the beauty of Blue is the Warmest Color, Haynes depicts true love without subjugating  the same-sex subjects in love. Of course, to do this you need wonderful performances, which I’m glad to say Cate and Rooney delivered with. What these two do is deliver extremely nuanced performances, performances that stick with you and instead of feeling flashy they scream an essence of naturalism lacking in films today. Set in the 50’s this film has a very specific look to it of course, and what Todd Haynes and the people involved did with the camerawork and the costume design in this film is scrumptious, I feel like a could pas use this film at any time and get an exquisite still from it at anytime. Then, the score does something truly special for this film, helping move the narrative along and elevating scenes to a whole different level. If I were to have any complaint about this film it would have to be Kyle Chandler which just felt like a one-note character and non-fulfilled promise. Still, Carol is a beautiful and powerful cinematic experience, one you should seek out, and a 97 out of 100.

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