The Hidden Fortress Review

image   With all the Star Wars everywhere anywhere, what better time to review George Lucas’s biggest influence in the creation of A New Hope, Akira Kurosawa’s classic The Hidden Fortress. A film that chronicles the paths of two pals as they try to flee an evil Japanese empire and accidentally involve themselves in the saving of a princess and a quest that will eventually make them rich. If you’ve seen the original Star Wars the parallels are there from the start as you see these human C-3P0 and R2 like characters argue among themselves and go their separate ways to find each other again and the film to actually start as information is passed on to the viewer in a non-heavy expositional way, it is when our characters reunite that launched into an amazing journey thorough feudal Japan in a film that I find endlessly entertaining as it combines amazing characters with fun and action for the ages. In what will be a very controversial statement from my part as a film fan, even though I find Seven Samurai a better film, I find The Hidden Fortress a much better time and a much more enjoyable film. In Kurosawa’s dangerous joinery through Japanese states we’re treated with gorgeous cinematography, brilliant character development, fun banter among characters, great action, and unforgettable scenes providing one with one of the most entertaining film experiences there is. The only problem wight eh film I have is with its ending and first of all, how convenient it feels, secondly, the path our protagonists led through which feels as if Kurosawa didn’t know what to do with these characters in the end and meshed all the possible endings these characters could have had in to a series of scenes that play alongside each other at the end. But in the end, The Hidden Fortress is endlessly entertaining, a film with great characters, a great story, and only some problems during its last section that don’t affect the viewing experience that much, leading me to rank it a 92 out of 100.

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