Elf Review

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 10.14.57 PM    Jon Favreau’s 2003 holiday comedy is a film that has slowly begun to become a new Christmas classic thanks to its heartfelt and charming way of handling the Christmas spirit. What I truly believe to be one of Will Ferrel’s best and definitely one of the most unique and charming Christmas films of the new millennium, a film that manages to benefit off Ferrel’s absurd humor by casting him as human alienated from human culture and human interaction as man who grew up his whole life believing he was an elf. Elf provides us with a different look (a comedic one) into what it means to be an outsider on Christmas, what the holiday spirit actually is, and how you should handle a Christmas movie. There isn’t much to say apart from going on and on about the charming nature of this Favreau’s holiday special, I had some issues with the cgi at the  end and it isn’t an innovative masterpiece but it is a great Christmas movie for all ages which I’ll rank at an 82 out of 100.

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