Cop Car Review

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.48.00 PM   If you are a fan of the MCU, specifically Spider-Man and the direction the company is taking him, it is necessary for you to watch this film. If you hated Vacation as much as I did, then rejoice because Jon Watts, director of the awesome Cop Car is tackling the Spider-Man franchise next. Whereas Vacation lacked everything a movie should have, Cop Car mostly delivers in providing you one of the most suspenseful and and absurd stories of this year, having Kevin Bacon play another villain, yet a much more menacing one this time and providing the viewer with some of the most genuine kid performances you’ll see this year. For most directors kids are something you should avoid, but from the start Jon Watts’s gives us performances that make these kids seem real, the man is perfectly able to capture the bewilderment and curiosity and even silliness of being a child and instead of a feeling of boredom or annoyance overcoming you like in The Phantom Menace Jon Watts actually makes you care for these kids and whenever they triumph you cheer for some them. What Jon Watts is able to do is capture realism with these characters, from looks on the kids faces, to changes in Bacon’s breathing patterns that demonstrate his state of irritation and anger, Jon Watts demonstrates he can bring characters to life something that will be needed of him when bringing the un-funny crew behind Vacation’s script to life. That being said, the performances are perfect for this type of film. the low-budget indie suspense thriller that it is, in that area it also works perfectly, where Cop Car fails is with its ending and some of the choices made in it that devalue the vibe and scope of the film itself. These would be the use of a female character that could’ve easily been anybody else and just serves as reminder that this is a small film and a chase sequence with Kevin Bacon at the end that though somewhat cool at the mount felt totally unnecessary in retrospect. With all  that said, Cop Car plays out like the film it is and proves to be a great indie thriller that revamps one’s excitement for Spider-Man, showcases Watts’s directing skills, and is an overall fun ride (pun intended) that receives an 81 out of 100 from me.

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