Anomalisa Review

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 10.29.52 PM   Leave it to Kaufman to make the most human motion picture of the year without any humans and only the use of puppets. Anomalisa is 2015’s study of human characters and emotions, a moving film that even though seems different because of its look captures what it is to be human in such a perfect way it is unfathomable to think about the limitations of film anymore right after watching this. Anomalisa is a symphony of words, a study of the broken persona and a film that handles all the emotions you might have seemed were missing in many titles released this year. What Charlie Kaufman has created is yet another brilliant study on the truths of life and the struggles of human emotion, a film that confronts boredom even though it follows its realistic sense until the end, it feels rejuvenating because of the beauty that has just been presented to you in such a short span of time, as the credits rolled I sat there wishing the film hadn’t ended and was fixated un the screen as I reflected on what it was like to be alive or whether I was even living out the correct definition of living. I don’t know how Charlie Kaufman does it, but this man is a genius and I implore you to seek out Anomalisa and watch it in order for studios to understand we want to see more of this man’s brilliant work. Many are questioned by its look, personally I was marveled by the attention to detail and how perfectly this film works in the animated medium, I was floored by the look of Anomalisa and was constantly thinking about how the Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman were able to pull of such realism through the use of puppets and stop-motion. There is a sex-scene in this film that almost feels uncanny in its resemblance to reality as it illustrates the love these two individuals have for each other. Voice-acting is also matched to perfection as both David Thewlis and Jennifer Jason Leigh bring this humanity to each of their characters that is missing from many studio films today, as for Tom Noonan who plays everyone else, he is also does an amazing job in making you feel the same frustration our main character feels. Anomalisa is a work of art which I hope is not forgotten come Oscar times, such a great treasure that needs to be uncovered by the majority of our world, and probably the or one of my favorite movies of 2015, leading me to rank it a 93 out of 100.

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