The Hateful Eight Review

img_0011 Cozy and tired in my room after skiing, I came to the conclusion that there was no more perfect time or place to review Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film, The Hateful Eight. Luckily, my friends and I were able to go to a 70 mm showing of the film yesterday, which is the way you should watch this film, as it has all the trademarks of an old western from the score to the intermission to the overture, watching it in this medium just adds to whole movie-viewing experience. Now, the film itself though I thought it was a really good movie, I would rank it in the lower tier of Tarantino films. First, we must take into account this is a three-hour movie and it feels three hours if not longer. Now, the acting, the acting is superb, Sam Jackson delivers his best in sometime and he has done some pretty good stuff lately (Kingsman), Bruce Dern is really good, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kurt Russell work excellently together, but the man who steals the show is Walton Goggins who is just pure awesome even though despicable at first. But, even though I Loved seeing the hateful eight interact, I feel like most of the complaints are coming from how hateful this group of people are which I don’t mind since the movie is called The Hateful Eight. The score by Morricone is pretty great to hear and coming out of this film I immediately wanted to buy The Hateful Eight’s vinyl. Cinematography is also great and really shows off the chilly atmosphere where are characters are secluded. Now, the dialogue for which Tarantino is known is also very present in this film and works perfectly in The Hateful Eight. But, in order to accurately review this film we must analyze the film before Sam Jackson’s first frand monologue and after this monologue. The before the monologue represents the dull character development of the slow-burn of the movie and which is why if I were to catalogue this film I’d place it in the lower Tarantino catagory. The after represents the bloody chaos of the Tarantino styled who-done-it we had been slowly awaiting during the first had of the film. Briefly, the first part is mostly dull meanwhile the second half is amazing. In conclusion, Tarantino’s latest film is sort-of a disappointment at first but proves worthwhile in the end landing it at a 79 out of 100.

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