Mary and Max Review

 Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 10.36.47 AM With Anomalisa on the verge of release, I decided, why not review another of the most mature animated films out there, Mary and Max. Chronicling the the lives of Max, an obese forty-year old man with asperger’s disease, and Mary, a sweet little girl who recognizes herself as an accident and lives under the supervision of a father that ignores her and an alcoholic mother that also happens to be a shoplifter. What Mary and Max does is track the depressive relationship through all its ups-and-downs that unfolds via the letter these broken pen-pals send each other. Before I begin to delve into the pros and cons of Mary and Max, I must mention personally, I wasn’t a fan of this film, it may be because of my high-expectations, but Mary and Max simply felt flat to me.  To me, Mary and Max begins as a series of narrations, that as beautiful as they are still feel like an overload of narrations that will eventually bore you, until the film finally takes a swift change in direction and after half of its runtime stops to feel eternal and actually begins to feel interesting. This takes place after Max’s life-changing event I must omit due to spoilers and when Toni Collette finally starts voice-acting for Mary. After these events the film seems to pick up this maturity of its own that lacked during the first portion of the film and is able to deliver with some great moments towards the second-half of the film. Now that I have mentioned the voice-acting, I just have to say it is all superbly handled by everyone involved in the film, and the mostly Australian cast involved is magnificent even though only like three characters have true speaking parts. All in all, Mary and Max is a bold film that tries to take down barriers and doesn’t quite accomplish it always, shall it be applauded, yes, but that’s about it because even though having mesmerizing moments, Mary and Max isn’t all that great and receives a 68 out of 100 in my book.

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