The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 Review

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 5.51.49 PM    I saw the film this past week, but ever since I watched it, I’ve just kind of been sitting on it now knowing what to say. It is excruciatingly slow, boring, anti-climactic, and once again, painfully slow, but, for some reason I didn’t hate it. I mean apart from the sewage scene that felt straight out of the Alien Franchise, everything else felt really mishandled and dull. Sure, the acting is fine, especially Donald Sutherland, but as much as I love Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss isn’t a likable hero, Natalie Dormer is horribly under-used, Gwendoline Christie is in it for like two seconds, Sutherland for like a minute, Moore is just sort of there, and Hemsworth (not Chris) does his best but ultimately feels betrayed by the weak narrative. In regards to the slug-speed pace, that’s what happens when you decide to split a YA novel that’s too short for splitting. Quite honestly, I don’t ave much to say about this franchise’s ending, I mean, its slow, there’s white Xenomorph-looking creatures, a humanoid cat, another movie truck-flip, and endings that rival those at the end of Return of the King, except this film really only concentrates on one character. This isn’t the worst in the franchise, but it is certainly the most disappointing in the franchise, a slow finale that never seems to climax and has some fine scenes in it, a 64 out of 100 just because those scenes I liked, I really liked and because it wasn’t abysmal and still provided one with a fine viewing experience.

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