Brooklyn Review

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.54.27 PM   Starring the wonderful Ronan and the great Gleeson, Brooklyn is story about what it is like to leave home, which it more than succeeds in exploring. A simple story told in fitting way, Brooklyn is a small film with a big heart. Saoirse Ronan is magnificent, perfectly conveying every emotion her character feels throughout the film, from the way she changes her looks to the way she walks differently with different people, Ronan does a magnificent job, and Ronan with Emory Cohen due a practically perfect job at showcasing true chemistry, you actually believe these two each second they spend together. But, Brooklyn is not just a love story, Brooklyn is a also a very funny film (probably because of Hornby’s writing ) and a relatable story that understands the concept of moving somewhere. With Crowley’s direction and Ronan’s performance, Brooklyn nails that feeling when you move somewhere and come back to your native nation and it strikes you’re not the same anymore and you’re not really part of this place anymore, but you’re also still not fully a member of your new community, leaving you to reflect upon what exactly are you? A simple story, a moving story, a love story, a genuine tale of emotion, Brooklyn does feel a bit long at times and I felt like it was over-hyped and my expectations were too high, even though it still proved a wonderful cinematic experience that I might include in my Best of the Year List at an 82 out of 100.

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