Army of Darkness Review

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     Finally, the last chapter in my review trilogy of Evil Dead films, now with Ash vs. The Evil Dead out, why the hell not go out and review this groovy film about a man with a great chin facing an evil chin. Whenever I talk about The Evil Dead Trilogy I always like to compare it too Twain’s books, Evil Dead being the one that broke new ground and introduced us to Raimi like Tom Sawyer introduced us to the world and character in it, Evil Dead 2 improved immensely upon the original much like Huck Finn did and then there’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court that is a good book yet gets mostly overshadowed by its predecessors much like Army of Darkness, funny enough, both of these have the basic premise. A man stuck in Medieval Times commenting about rudimentary lifestyle and proving himself worthy, that’s basically the synopsis for both of them, except that Army of Darkness does this in a much quicker, quotable, and groovy fashion.

              From the get go, you realize Ash is no longer at the cabin with his friends and demon friends, he’s now alone in Medieval Times with a man named King Arthur, by placing Ash in this setting, we finally get to know who he really is, and it pays off. From one quotable lone to another, Campbell makes us laugh the whole way through in this insanely fast moving Raimi flick that seems to spoof his past films while also integrating that 3 Stooges humor he and his brother seem to adore. Now, back to the fast moving, this film is only 80 min. and it shows, it feels rushed and even though it accomplishes its objectives it shows in the final product as Ash runs from one place to another and characters seem to be introduced as they vanish from the story almost immediately. Same with the special effects, I know it wasn’t the same back then, but now, they look dated. Which in a funny way seems to add something to the different to the whole picture. To be honest, Army of Darkness isn’t a good film, but its fun as fun can be and quotable as quotable can get. Embracing its ridiculousness as well as its insane protagonist, Raimi makes what could’ve been an abismal disaster a flawed yet fun film, scoring a 69 out of 100.

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