Bottle Rocket Review

  Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.55.24 PM Before I review Bottle Rocket, I must convey that I love Wes Anderson, because alongside A Clockwork Orange, The Grand Budapest Hotel served as my epiphany moment in movie fan terms. With that out of the way, Bottle Rocket was many people’s debut film, most importantly the Wilson Bros. and Wes Anderson, a trio which we would come to love as the years went by. Bottle Rocket is many things, a film about friendship, about family, a platform to showcase talent, a heist film, a comedy, a romance, a drama, and even though it sounds ambitious for a debut film, it works, Wes Anderson manages to balance every aspect of this film to make a really fun and sweet story about young men living life the way they want to. Struggling with expressing themselves, implementing risks and energy into their life instead of accepting their-selves, Bottle Rocket explores well written 20-something characters in a light-hearted manner, characters that are slowly learning to embrace their inner selves. Though, apart from being well-written, well-directed and well-acted, Bottle Rocket looks beautiful, which adds to the lovely uniqueness of the film itself. I must also mention that this film has the funniest heist ever put to film, which becomes a beautiful moment once Owen Wilson accepts what has happened and The Rolling Stones’s 2000 Man starts playing as Wilson sacrifices himself. Funny, lively, unique, and sweet, Bottle Rocket is an ambitious and really well-done directorial debut, leaving me to rate it at a 87 out of 100.

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