Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Review

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.00.38 PM  On a brighter note, what a believe to be the best Mission Impossible movie of the bunch, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. After J.J. ‘s turn with MI3, MI4 went in a whole different direction and became really fun, adding a cartoony element to it, incredible action, and a really intriguing story that kind of fall apart at the end. A really interesting live-action debut for Brad Bird, is a film that properly shows how to handle action, and how to make your two hour movie feel fast-paced. Relentless, action-packed, really funny, and giving us a different angle to the Ethan hunt and team story, with the whole going rogue story and some more back story, MI4 is an awesome film. Plus, this film introduced me to Léa Seydoux, which adds even more awesomeness to it. Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg stand-out, Tom Cruise being as committed as always, doing all his stunts ad all the amazing action that’s seen in this film, from the opening scene at the prison, to Dubai, to the final car action sequence. Combining great material (action, comedy, directing, and acting), MI4 proves to be an amazing 4th entry in to this franchise, a delightfully fun film, and a 93 out of 100.

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