Brick Review

  Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.54.25 PM    Brick is an incredibly underrated film that serves as a calling card for Rian Johnson. A noire in an unfamiliar setting, a terrific performance from Levitt, some really interesting shots and editing, as well as a really amazing score that hearkens back to spaghetti westerns. A film that unravels itself as it goes along, with a brilliantly portrayed main character by Joseph Gordon Levitt who changes the way he walks and comports himself giving us a glimpse of the legitimacy Levitt brings to films, such as Inception or Don Jon. The only criticisms I have with this film are that it doesn’t hold as well upon a second-viewing, knowing what’s to come, still great, but not awesome, and secondly, it feels very cartoony in the sense that everyone always has the same outfit and the physicality of each actor exemplifies their character, which does work, but feels odd upon reflection. All in all, Brick is a fantastic directorial debut and a film that you should watch if you’re a fan of noire films, spaghetti westerns, Cowboy Bebop, or Star Wars, keeping in mind Johnson is directing Episode VIII, so, in conclusion, Brick is a fantastic film that I shall rank at an 89 out of 100.

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