Spectre Review

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 12.42.32 AMDaniel Craig’s fourth and probably last entry is something we might’ve a considered a good Bond movie during the 70’s, but since Campbell and Mendes elevated the Bond film  to such an artistry during their last entries, we ultimately feel disappointed in this formulaic sort-of farewell tribute to Bond. Honestly, it feels like a highlights reel from the Bond saga, the action’s great, the film looks good, and the acting there, but it ultimately feels like the plugged all the Bond tropes into a formula and it gave them the desired result, the correct Bond film with the Bond girl, the white cat, the witty remarks, and the action sequences, the only problem is that, that formula doesn’t apply anymore. Another problem I had with the film is how predictable it felt, and how similar it was to this year’s MI5, but then again that predictability came from the formulaic nature of the film, the same can be said for the forced romance between Seydoux and Craig, which I honestly felt quite disappointed by, because I fell in love with Seydoux after seeing her in MI4, and I know she can make a romance believable like she did in Blue is the Warmest Color, but here it just felt forced. I’m not saying Spectre is a bad movie, it was a fun, very long episode in the Bond saga, the action scene in Austria was pretty awesome, the train fight was pretty cool, Waltz was fine, Paddington, I mean Ben Whishaw was cool, Fiennes was fine, everything was fine, establishing the problem, nothing surpassed fine, which is why I’ll rank Spectre at a 67 out of 100.

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