The Birds Review

   Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 2.25.11 PM  Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece about sinister birds attacking a small town in California, yes birds. Maybe birds might not sound like the most terrifying creatures in our world, but thanks to what Hitchcock did with The Birds, they become petrifying and if you encounter a bird right after watching this film I guarantee at least a chilling feeling will overcome you.Enough about the terrifying birds, the true reason this film works is thanks to its characters and suspense building, I mean he’s called The Master of Suspense for a reason. Unlike Birdemic and all those failed projects that try to make something not so scary scary, what makes The Birds different from all those other films is that here we actually have well-written characters we can empathize with and the film isn’t made up of constant bird attacks, we actually have to wait in between bird attacks as suspense is carefully constructed between the scenes. Take my favorite scene for example, the restaurant scene, we just witnessed a terrifying attack on a bunch of little children evacuating school and now we’re placed in a restaurant full of townsmen discussing their different point of views on the issues, a fisherman talks about his boat getting attacked, the kids are obviously brought up, a religious man talks about the end of the world and through conversation we realize how horrifying this all is, when suddenly a single bird attacks a man, and a giant bird attack commences as we’re all petrified from all that’s been said. Much like when your friends tell you a ghost story and all of a sudden you hear a loud noise, its that feeling for however long the bird-attack sequence is, its a true demonstration of how a horror movie should be carried out. Yes, the suspense is great, but as you watch the film you can’t help but notice it is somewhat dated, which brings us to how the characters make this film feel timeless. With a real story about romance and characters who legitimately care about each other, we can’t help but root for them, with characters with a well established back-story, we care, and with good actors portraying the characters from the script in an incredible fashion, we are magnetized to the screen, and with all of this together we can’t help but go back to this well-directed and constructed story even though some of the effects look dated. In the end, The Birds is yet another film that showcases the brilliance of Hitchcock, leading me to rank it at a 92 out of 100.

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