Black Sea Review

  Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.46.10 PM   Black Sea is that movie no one was looking forward too that much, but it sort of worked out in the end. The thing with Black Sea is that it’s premise is an o.k. one, but it was executed quite well. With MacDonald directing and a nice ensemble, Black Sea proves to be an entertaining watch by the end. Sure it staggers here and there, the plot was o.k. as I said before, but it works for some reason, and it is that perfect film to just play in the background. Submarines, Russians, Brits, and a heist, Black Sea is a film about people stuck in a submarine, discussing, getting angry at each other and trying to carry out this crazy heist involving a Nazi submarine. Now that sounds insanely amazing, but, its not, its fine, its mostly well-acted and well-directed, which is what makes it enjoyable. It might get a tad boring as people have dinner in the submarine, but thanks to people like Jude Law and Sergey Veksler being awesome, the film mostly works. Now, an aspect that I found quite odd from this film is the dialogue, I enjoyed listening to it, but it felt like someone written, it felt scripted, it felt like the actors were being what to say, but it also sort-of worked out for me in the end. All in all, Black Sea is a nice little film that will probably be forgotten as the years go by, but those who saw it will remember it as a film that entertained them as they watched, a solid 75 out of 100.

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