The Guest Review

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     My oh my, The Guest, The Guest was one of the most delightful surprises from last year, a criminally underrated film, and a true Halloween thriller. If you were wondering why Dan Stevens is suddenly in a bunch of really cool sounding films that haven’t come out yet, the answer is The Guest, the way Dan Stevens portrays this suave, mysterious veteran is just perfect, as he finds the perfect balance between I’m the most charming man in the world but I could also kill right now if you piss me off character, sure the rest of actors are fine in this movie, but Dan Stevens just rises high above everyone else and I’m quite glad we’re going to see more of him in the years to come. As for the story, The Guest plays out like a stylized retro Halloween conspiracy-thriller that I will not discuss in order to avoid spoilers regarding the twists and turns this film takes. The film starts right off after we’re introduced to Steven’s character, then it slowly builds up tension, has some cool action scenes and just really well shot and developed scenes that settle this film’s mood, but when this film kicks in, it kicks in hard, it escalates to a whole new level of Halloween awesomeness that most horror films of this age aspire to hit. If I were to have any problems with this film, it would be the action sequence regarding military gun warfare that just feels a bit out of place even though it contains a pretty cool moment between Steven’s character and the mother of the friend he’s staying with, but following that we dive right into the epic finale at the high school Halloween night that is just incredible, especially the part accompanied by Annie’s Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown), wow. Talking about the music in this film, I must declare that I believe the soundtrack for The Guest is one of the best film soundtracks in the last five years, as for the score, its really weird, does its job, sounds cool, and fits perfectly with this film’s ambience. All in all, as you can probably tell  by now, I love The Guest, and will rank it at a 96 out of 100.

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