Arachnophobia Review

    Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.56.03 PM  Arachnophobia isn’t good, but serves as a nice little throwback to creature features from the olden days. Led by Jeff Daniels playing an arachnophobic dad, Arachnophobia starts off really well in Venezuela following a deadly spider hitchhiking his way towards a small town in the U.S. Thus initiating the super-spider colony that demolishes this town. First of all I must mention Jeff Daniels does a really good job in what could’ve been a really silly role and the spiders are extremely menacing and scary. But, as I said, this movie isn’t good, it starts off fine and then rapidly declines into the land of boredom, it stays there for sometime, rapidly wraps up and then we get the credits. I mean there’s some pretty cool spider fights, but thats it, sure its sort of enjoyable at times, but thats it, its another movie that lives on the line of mediocracy even though it has some bright spots. In the end, Arachnophobia is ok and leaves me to rank it a 50 out of 100.

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