Grand Piano Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.07.35 PM     With a boring intro and a lame finale, Grand Piano proves to be enjoyable when it could’ve become the new glorified B-movie thriller of our generation. As I just mentioned, Grand Piano starts at a pretty boring place, we’re given a bunch of exposition about Selznick, and we quickly arrive at the theater, where things finally get good and intense. With a cool premise, this film’s second act shines thanks to the always awesome Elijah Wood. But apart from the way Wood portrays the conflicts his character is encountering and how he deals with them, apart from the incredible camera-work, and the fact that Alex Winter plays a murderous assistant to our antagonist, the rest of the film sits at a level of mediocracy. Actually, never mind, Chazelle is another bright spot in this film, his ability to craft a film around a musical subject of his choice and being able to add so many new layers to said subject is actually pretty cool, but that about it. Once Wood and us as the audience are presented to the antagonist, the film really picks up, as through beautiful camera-work we go into Wood’s train of thought and really get to feel what he’s feeling. It might feel like orchestra-porn at times, but once it begins to focus on Wood and how he franticly plays the piano to save his wife’s life, the film’s intensity reaches a whole new level that we hadn’t observed in movie’s about pianist since either The Pianist or Amadeus. It would all have worked pretty good, if that wave of intensity didn’t crash on the beach so fast, and we weren’t interrupted by those awful, disposable characters who they literally dispose of in the film because they were so unnecessary. Now, with the cool middle section covered, I advance into my analysis of the clunky ending which begins with a really lame confrontation between our antagonist and our protagonist that might’ve worked if executed in a different way, but anyways, then once the big battle is over, the movie decides to continue and take a complete left side turn into a different tone that changed my whole perception of the film and the enjoyment I was getting from it into something bad, which leads me to leave this film at a 60 out of 100 because that tonally inconsistent ending just really threw me off.

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