Repo Man Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 9.40.38 PM Alien invasions, glowing cars, repo men, and punks, Repo Man is crazy cult film that also happens to contain U.F.O cult enthusiasts in it. Alex Cox’s twisted comedy about society is a film that can’t be defined by one genre and has influenced countless directors to this date. With one of the most unique plots probably ever written, Cox manages to perfectly infuse alien notions to an already hectic city, using Los Angeles as the perfect maddening platform to present his ideas with regards to the nature of our world. Pairing the cool Emilio Estevez as an outrageous punk and wonderful Harry Dean Stanton, Repo Man follows Otto’s (Estevez) retraction from the insane mundane into the world he believes will suit him better, but instead proves to be the most chaotic mess he will witness. Before I start talking about the greatness of this film, I must mention that the only thing that really bothered me is that everything works in accord with the plot, as in everyone in L.A. knows each other and continuously encounter each other at the most convenient times, might be Cox’s way of satirizing cookie-cutter films of the time, but its just too much. As for the film itself, it insane, its the perfect cult film that should have never worked out but did. Using the glowing car as a MacGuffin, Repo Man and Alex Cox manage to do everything they wanted to do with a means of justification, the car, this otherworldly artifact that simply appears and alters the nature of an already crazy group of people. I don’t want to spoil any further, just pop in Repo Man and prepare to be amazed by the outlandish nature of Cox and the presentation of his points of view with regards to us back in the day. In conclusion, Repo Man is a crazy movie that works when it so many possibilities of failing completely, but thanks to solid performances and a perfect infusion of crazy with crazy, Cox delivers with this comedy/sci-fi/thriller/car film that I shall rate at an 80 out of 100.

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