Goosebumps Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.21.31 PM  Goosebumps is a really weird movie because I did not laugh once during the movie’s runtime, yet, I came out of it with a sense of enjoyment, whilst I admit its not necessarily a good movie. Highlights of this film, the kids, the chemistry among the group of kids, especially the main boy and girl who are really good together. As for the rest of the cast, they’re all useless, except for Jack Black who’s ridiculous with his outlandish accent, but still o.k. and Slappy who moves the plot along and delivers some silly lines that ultimately get tiresome after five minutes, look, if you want a comparison he delivers as many puns as Arnold does during the first half of Batman & Robin. Then there’s the story which is fine, like most of the film, predictable and silly with an array of CGI creatures which are also fine in some cases that the protagonists encounter as they try to get to their main destination. The movie is fine, its not outrageous, its not incredible, it simply walks the boring line of fine. Now, I must discuss some really bothersome issues I had with the film, first of all, it seems everyone is in a deadly accident during this film, yet only one person ends up wearing a full-body cast and lastly as good as the chemistry between the protagonists is, there is a really stupid decision they decided to integrate into the girl’s story which the literally decided to take back ten minutes after the fact. Anyways, Goosebumps isn’t bad, isn’t good, includes sequel set-up (that I actually didn’t mind even though I don’t want to see a sequel), I understand this will be this generation’s Jumanji and I’m fine with it because I leaved the theater with some sense of enjoyment, leading me to rank Goosebumps at a 61 out of 100.

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