THX 1138 Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 1.14.09 PM    With the release of The Force Awaken’s trailer occurring earlier this week, I considered this the perfect to review Lucas’s haunting directorial debut, THX 1338. Often forgotten about when talking about George Lucas, THX 1138 is quite the opposite of what Star Wars is, sad, brooding, and tough to watch at times, THX 1138 feels like a Fallout experiment-vault situation that occurred during the Vader regime. A very unique and weird twisted version of the 25th century is the one we observe in Lucas’s experimental debut that analyzes experiments performed in a dystopian society, touching on human sedation/manipulation, the absence of passion and emotion, constant vigilance, and money, THX 1138 presents us with a chilling and troublesome version of the future while leaving us with a minimal amount of hope as it ventures into its epic conclusion. Starring Robert Duvall, who plays THX the way he should be played, he’s doesn’t present us with the best performance in this film, that would have to go Mr. Pleasance who gives a genuinely  sweet performance even tough his character has nothing going for him except ultimate doom. As for the problems I have with THX 1138, much like Inherent Vice, it seems like you plopped in-between moments of these character’s lives, leaving you sort of lost at times and trying to grasp to very bit of knowledge regarding the backstory of this ominous, futuristic metropolis, and it does get a bit too slow and weird at times. Funny thing is, the most resonant characters in this film are all the noises that complement this story, from the cars to all the buttons and transceivers, the sound effects in this film alongside the camera-work add a whole new dimension to THX 1138. Now, I must mention just how incredible that finale is, starting off with an incredible car chase and ending with the moment that defines THX 1138  as a human being and not a slave of society anymore, those ten minutes or however many minutes make the film worth watching. All in all, THX 1138 is a promising directorial debut from the guy who brought us Star Wars, deserves more attention, and deservedly gets and 83 out of 100.

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