Bridge of Spies Review

  Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.12.05 PM Spielberg’s latest, a dialogue driven vehicle encapsulated by a paranoiac sense of nature that even though slow at times, does bring back a bit of life into the Cold War espionage thriller genre. Pairing Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg once again (based on a Coen Bros. script), this film is screaming Oscar, and in some areas it totally deserves the award, but like Lincoln, Bridge of Spies is slow at times, which diminishes the enjoyment of watching a two-hour film quite a bit. With regards to Joel and Ethan Coen script, it’s really good dialogue, and a really good script, but it doesn’t feel that much like something the Coen Bros. would usually write, there are glimmers of the Coen Bros. writing sensibilities that can be observed throughout the film, but it doesn’t feel totally like the Coen’s, I think they collaborated with someone else during the writing process, but since those Coen moments stood out so much in film once contrasted against the rest of the dialogue, by the end I kind of wished this film had totally embraced the Coen nature. Acting, well, what can I say, it was superb, especially Hanks (how I don’t know if I even have to mention anymore [since he brings it in every film]) and Mark Rylance who kills it as the alleged Russian spy. This, if of course a more personal detail, but the guy who Francis Powers looked like the doppelgänger of  someone I know, so that was just odd. And finally, Spielberg’s direction was solid, not his best, but really really good, as for this film on a technical level, it’s incredible what shots Spielberg decided to use to infuse energy to each and every one of the conversations that take place in this film. In the end, Bridge of Spies is another good Spielberg movie with a terrific script that could’ve probably achieved a masterpiece status if it embraced the Coen brother’s writing style, slow at times, but carried by great performances, Bridge of Spies gets an 82 out of 100.

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