Barbarella Review

   Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 7.17.48 PM  Roger Vadim’s hyper-sexualized space adventure is the ultimate campy, space adventure, cheeseball, guilty pleasure film I’ve seen, yes, even better than the glorified Flash Gordon in my opinion. A true product of its time, what I believe to be the first comic book feature film adaptation, Barbarella is the film that cemented Jane Fonda as a sex icon and gave us the Duran Duran’s name. Following the story of the supposedly best space cop or whatever in the galaxy, even though she sucks completely at what she does, Barbarella chronicles Barbarella’s search for the missing crazy over-acted villain Durand Durand alongside her won personal, sexual exploration as she changes from one sexy outfit to the next in a matter of minutes. I actually believe the film was based on the idea to try and make Jane Fonda wear as many sexy space costumes as possible, therefore forcing them to find several illogical explanations to why her outfit would be continuously torn and needed to be changed for the next scene. Positives, there’s three: the music is actually quite delightful, yet terribly misplaced. Jane Fonda is always a pro, especially in this film, if this film didn’t have her, it would prove unwatchable and lost as another campy space film from the 70’s. And lastly, this film is another so bad its good films, which is its own impressive feat and something quite hard that can only be created through the merge of terrible concepts with terrible dialogue, such as the one represented in Barbarella or The Room. As I previously mentioned the dialogue in this film surpasses atrocious to so bad its good, its own specific category of hilariousness. Now the look of this film is one that’s way too odd, combining terrible sets with other uniquely interesting sets alongside some cool visuals, Barbarella has this really specific look to it that shall never be replicated. And lastly, apart from mentioning the amazing opening sequence, I must mention something that has always bothered me, why?, if her whole spacecraft is covered in warm, fuzzy fur, is her bed made out of uncomfortable plastic. Anyways, Barbarella is a film I find myself continuously going back to because its great for all the wrong reasons, leading me to rank it at a 80 out of 100 on the so bad its good meter and probably a really bad grade on the actual ranking system I rate other films on.

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