Iris Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 6.18.18 AM       Iris is a magnetic, personality driven documentary that suffers from a few pacing problems here and there, but still proves incredibly entertaining even though in doesn’t go in depth in to the history of Iris Apfeld’s life. Celebrating this amazing fashion icon is what this film’s about, so when it deviates from Iris is when it gets somewhat boring. The thing is, Iris is like Terry Gilliam’s Brazil came to life and happened to have a great sense of style, so as energetic and cool as Brazil is, Iris is also, two minutes in and you understand her completely, she’s a charismatic, sweet old lady with a stellar sense of style. So the film attaches itself to Iris’s personality but slowly detaches itself which is why it gets a bit dull by the middle, but then it notices its mistakes and once again grasps onto the sensibilities of Iris and comes out triumphant. In conclusion, Iris is a joyous documentary  that has some pacing problems, leaving it at a 77 out of 100.

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