A Serious Man Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 7.44.40 PM With the recent launch of the Coen bros.’ new film’s trailer, I’ve decided to review a film that doesn’t get talked about enough when discussing the great Coen brother films. Partially a satire on Judaism, partially the study of an emotional breakdown, I like to view A Serious Man as the better version of Punch-Drunk Love, and I do like Punch-Drunk Love. First of all I must mention Michael Stuhlbarg’s powerhouse performance, I guy who seriously popped out of nowhere and I guy who should get more roles because he’s incredible. The Coen brothers, once again deliver, the film’s great, the script’s great, the story is mostly covered through mature eyes with a few whimsical touches here and there, which I actually considered to detriment the film in this case. Especially in regards to the dreams sequences and the beginning, as cool as they both are, I just find no purpose to them, maybe I must study the film a bit more, but I consider this to affect my viewing experience, it’s great but truthfully unnecessary. As for the ending which I found quite inconclusive. Now with regards to the whimsical notions that helped the film, the Bar Mitzvah scene, I found riveting and tense, as well as absurdly funny, the whole Mentaculus storyline and Clive, Clive is just incredible as he harasses Larry throughout the film. In the end, A Serious Man is a really riveting film with great performances that could use a bit more seriousness even though I still loved it, an 87 out of 100.

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